Our mission is to provide support to our firefighters and their families during times of hardship, illness and other life changing moments.

The Marietta Firefighter Support Fund began in early 2021 with the simple idea of firefighters serving firefighters. We were kickstarted with small donations from our members as a way for each of us to help our own brothers and sisters. After we obtained our 501c3 Nonprofit status, we opened up our organization to the public to provide a way for our community to support their first responders directly through donations to the fund.

Since our inception, we have provided support for many of our members, their families, and our fellow first responders of our surrounding departments. Whether they experience a time of hardship, or undergo a life changing moment such as the birth of a child, we aim to support them during those impactful moments of their life.

Support and Assistance

To provide financial, emotional and logistical support to the Marietta Fire Department members, their family and our first responder community.


Providing financial resources for personnel seeking continuing education opportunities.

Special Events

As a long term goal, we seek to sponsor award ceremonies and events honoring our personnel.

If you are a member of the Marietta Fire Department, and you or your family are experiencing a time of hardship, would like to inquire about training course assistance, or know of a fellow bother or sister in need, please use this form to request support.